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2 CFR 200

Bob Lloyd, NADO Annual Training Conference 2020: OMB’s Revisions to 2 CFR 200- What’s Changed and What You Need to Do About It

The revisions took effect on November 12, 2020. OMB also rolled out the 2020 version of its Compliance Supplement, the audit guide that independent auditors must use when they conduct your annual single audit. This presentation will cover the things that you need to know about these key federal grants management documents and provide practical advice about how your organization should prepare for their use.

Public Engagement

NADO Annual Training Conference 2020: Innovative Approaches to Public Engagement

COVID-19 social distancing recommendations and heightened awareness about equitable and inclusive public engagement have prompted regional development organizations to apply innovative, virtual approaches when gathering public input. This presentation explores how enhanced surveys, video tours, and interactive tools have been used to encourage public participation.

National Regional Transportation Conference 2020: Virtual Public Involvement

Innovative virtual public involvement techniques provide State departments of transportation (DOTs), transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and rural transportation planning organizations (RTPOs) with a platform to inform the public and receive feedback. These strategies create efficiencies in how information is disseminated and how input is collected and considered, which can potentially accelerate planning and project development processes. While virtual public involvement can be useful during any time to provide information and seek public input from individuals who may not have easy access to in-person engagement events, it can provide strategies for continuing public outreach when in-person events are impossible due to COVID-19.

National Regional Transportation Conference 2020: Reimagining Public Engagement for the Richmond Region

As North Carolina celebrates 20 years since the very beginning of the Rural Planning Organization Program, the state is also looking back on a year of new processes and programmatic improvements. Similarly, the regional organization PlanRVA (headquartered in Richmond, VA) is celebrating its fiftieth year of regional planning while looking ahead to new engagement approaches and a focus on equity through its regional planning programming including the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

Creating Accessible Meetings:

How organizations gather, collaborate, discuss, share, and learn has changed from largely in-person meetings and conference calls to virtual meetings where the audience participates remotely through voice and video from their homes. This guidance is intended to provide information on how you can make your next meeting accessible to attendees with disabilities in compliance with Section 508 and other disability rights laws.

Strategic Planning

Kyle Ingham, Panhandle Regional Planning Commission, NADO Annual Training Conference 2018: Better Outreach for Better Planning: Potter County, TC- Strategic Plan

This presentation demonstrates how an RDO is improving outreach and engagement strategies, leading to more robust planning efforts and better implementation outcomes. Learn how the RDO is getting better buy-in from stakeholders and are also hearing from new voices to improve a variety of planning initiatives, including the CEDS and county strategic plans.

Monica Scamardo, PhD, NADO Annual Training Conference 2009: Managing Organizational Change

This presentation will focus’ on managing organizational change, with a specific look at both organizational and leadership considerations.

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