“Strategies to Support Economic Diversification” Webinar Tutorial

Posted on: November 13th, 2018 by Brett Schwartz

Planning for economic diversification is an important undertaking to explore through your Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.  Too many places throughout the country and the world have built economies around a single sector or industry, leaving them vulnerable to both immediate shocks and longer, slow-moving chronic trends.
Economic diversification helps support regional resilience, a concept that should be woven into all aspects of your CEDS and can serve as a guiding framework for how your district approaches regional planning and economic development.  Regions and communities that diversify their economies are much better positioned to face a mix of inevitable future shocks and disruptions.

This webinar tutorial provides the following:

  • The basics of economic diversification
  • How to measure diversification
  • Best practices to support economic diversification
  • Lessons learned from coal communities
  • Key tips for revitalization through diversification

Trainer: Erik Pages, Founder/President, Entreworks Consulting 

Download the presentation slides here (PDF).

For more information, contact NADO Research Foundation Associate Director Brett Schwartz at [email protected].

This tutorial was developed as part of NADO RF’s Stronger CEDS, Stronger Regions program, supported through a generous grant from the US Economic Development Administration.

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