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National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and the NADO Research Foundation
400 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 388, Washington, DC 20001 (https://maps,+NW,+Suite+390,+Washington,+DC+20001&hl=en&ll=38 NULL.895592,-77 NULL.009386&spn=0 NULL.00668,0 NULL.016512&sll=38 NULL.895559,-77 NULL.009321&sspn=0 NULL.00668,0 NULL.016512&hnear=400+North+Capitol+St+NW,+Washington,+District+of+Columbia+20001&t=m&z=17&iwloc=A)
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Mirielle Burgoyne
Director of Government Relations and Legislative Affairs
Work Phone: 202.624.8590 Work Fax: 202.624.8813
Mirielle Burgoyne serves as NADO’s Director of Government Relations and Legislative Affairs. In this role, she facilitates outreach to policymakers and advocates for NADO’s legislative priorities. Before joining NADO, Mirielle was a Senior Associate with the Pew Charitable Trusts, where she conducted research on economic development programs across the country and advocated for policy solutions to make those programs more effective and impactful. Prior to that, Mirielle served as a Policy Advisor with the Delta Regional Authority, where she created partnerships with federal agencies and facilitated joint collaborations with the White House Rural Council and National Economic Council. She also developed programs and initiatives designed to spur economic diversification, disaster resilience, workforce development, and improved health outcomes in the rural Delta region. Mirielle holds a BA in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland College Park.
Vy Dang
Database Manager/Membership Assistant
Work Phone: 202.624.7841 Work Fax: 202.624.8813
Since July 2019, Vy serves temporarily as NADO’s Database Manager and Membership Assistant. In this role, she sustains the day-to-day operation of the office, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, membership database management, and other event registration tasks. Before joining NADO, Vy was an Office Manager at MIT Technology Childcare Center, an Office Administrator/Accounts Receivable Clerk at OpenBiome, a Contract Administrator/Accounts Payable clerk at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and an HR/Payroll Specialist at Benefit Cosmetics. Vy holds a BA in Psychology and Mathematics from Mount Holyoke College.
Vicki Glass
Meetings and Membership Consultant
Work Phone: 202.624.8574 Work Fax: 202.624.8813
Vicki Glass joined NADO in October 1993. As Director of Meetings and Membership, she is responsible for all aspects relating to meetings facilitated by NADO and the NADO Research Foundation. Specific duties include negotiation of all hotel related contracts; on site conference management which including overseeing conference registration, coordinating the meeting sessions, audio visual requirements; meal functions and other troubleshooting as needed.  Vicki received her Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation in 1996.  She also coordinates the NADO election process and membership activities. Prior to joining NADO, Glass was the director of convention services at the Quality Hotel Capitol Hill where she worked with NADO coordinating the Washington Policy Conference.
Carrie Kissel
Associate Director
Work Phone: 202.643.9560 Work Fax: 202.624.8813
Carrie Kissel serves as the Associate Director for the NADO Research Foundation’s transportation research and capacity building programs, RPO America, and wealth creation and other economic development work.  In this position, Carrie conducts research on noteworthy practices in regional transportation and economic development, produces a range of written materials from research reports to website articles and social media posts, provides technical assistance on various topics, plans training events, develops and implements training and facilitation materials for sessions, and conducts frequent outreach to rural and small metro transportation and development practitioners.  Carrie initially joined NADO in 2005 as a graduate fellow before becoming a program manager and senior program manager and has completed many projects related to transportation, brownfields redevelopment, and environmental stewardship.  Carrie completed a Master of Arts in Public Anthropology at American University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Ball State University.
Joe McKinney
Executive Director
Work Phone: 202.624.5947
In October 2012 Joe McKinney was named Executive Director of the National Association of Development Organizations. Joe served as Executive Director of Land-of-Sky Regional Council in Asheville, North Carolina from January 2003 until October 2012. Under his leadership, Land-of-Sky became recognized nationally for its innovation and program expansion in areas such as planning and economic development, workforce development, transportation and transit, aging services, volunteer services, and geographic information systems. Joe has twenty-one years of experience having served in city, county, regional and national association and government management since 1991. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Public Policy Analysis from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a candidate for a Masters Degree in Public Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill.
Brett Schwartz
Associate Director
Brett Schwartz serves as the Associate Director for the NADO Research Foundation’s sustainable communities capacity building and training program for rural communities and small towns.  Brett supports this work by organizing trainings, peer exchanges, and workshops and by developing webinars, publications, and other resources covering regional planning, asset-based economic development, entrepreneurship, community engagement, and other areas.  Brett is a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law where he focused on land use issues. He also holds degrees from Georgetown University and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
Laurie Thompson
Deputy Executive Director
Work Phone: 202.624.5948 Work Fax: 202.624.8813
Laurie Thompson assists the Executive Director in planning, designing, implementing and managing all of the organization’s programs and activities.  She oversees the daily operations of grant proposals, research, training and conferences, and communications activities.  Laurie works closely with the Executive Director to help secure financial resources for NADO and the NADO Research Foundation, as well as monitor and comply with appropriate budget, financial and reporting requirements.  She works with staff to develop strategic alliances with key representatives from member organizations, foundations, national organizations and federal agencies.  Before joining NADO in 1998, Laurie directed a grant making program for First Nations Development Institute, a national Native American economic development corporation. Other previous experience includes seven years in health care administration and five years providing training and technical assistance to Native grantees of the Administration on Aging.  She received a master’s degree in health services administration from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and government from Mount Vernon College.  
She received a master’s degree in health services administration from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and government from Mount Vernon College.