Workshop Materials: Progress and Challenges in Place-Based Rural Policies

Posted on: April 3rd, 2013 by Brett Schwartz

These materials are from Chuck Fluharty’s keynote address “Progress and Challenges in Place-Based Rural Policies” given at the Prosperous Places workshop in Salt Lake City, March 25-26.  Organized by NADO and Envision Utah (http://www NULL.envisionutah, this workshop brought together around 50 HUD Sustainable Communities grantees, experts, and capacity-builders to focus on place-based local economic development strategies and scenarios planning.

Fluharty, president and CEO of RUPRI (http://rupri, offered framing remarks about opportunities for the integration of economic development and place-based strategies in rural America.  He described the challenging work facing rural stakeholders in confronting traditional orthodoxies and paradigms to undertake collaborative integration.

Progress and Challenges in Place-Based Rural Policies Powerpoint (PDF) 

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