South Delta Planning and Development District: Mobile Outreach Skills Training

Posted on: October 4th, 2012 by Kate Humphrey

NADO’s 2012 Innovation Awards recognized 64 projects from 22 states for their creative approaches to regional community and economic development, including the project described below. Click here for the full list of winners.

The South Delta Planning and Development District collaborated with several partners to provide job skills, career track, and business development training for unemployed or underemployed adults in the Mississippi Delta through the deployment of the Mobile Outreach Skills Training (MOST) program. An important partner is GE Aviation, which requires highly skilled workers for
manufacturing composite components for jet engines. The MOST program rapidly responds to GE’s hiring and training needs, and the unique configuration of the Mobile Training Units allows flexibility in class sizes as hiring needs change. The PDD wrote the original grant and continues to manage other funding sources. Over 200 candidates have completed training and now work for GE Aviation, which has had a tremendous impact on the local economy and the surrounding counties.

Mitzi Woods, Workforce Investment Area Director: [email protected]
William B.Haney, Jr., Executive Director: [email protected]

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