New Report Features Small Towns Implementing Innovative Sustainability Policies

Posted on: October 18th, 2013 by Brett Schwartz

against the odds publication cover (http://icma new ICMA report (http://icma, written with the support of the NADO Research Foundation through its Sustainable Communities capacity building grant from HUD, features seven brief case studies of small municipalities that have implemented various innovative sustainability policies.  “Defying the Odds:  Sustainability in Small and Rural Places” (http://icma includes lessons about the actions local leaders in these places took and their motivations. A number of themes emerge including the role of sustainability in promoting local economic competitiveness and community revitalization, the benefits of regulation and municipal utilities in promoting change, entrepreneurial leadership from local officials, and the importance of regional networks for information exchange.

According to the report:  “A number of factors come together to make the communities profiled here innovators in sustainability. All have entrepreneurial leaders – either elected officials or professional managers and staff who drive green policy making. These creative leaders reshape regional and global issues to fit local agendas and local circumstance. Usually, they reframe environmental issues in terms of cost savings or increased efficiency, which can be an important way to broaden the appeal of green policies to officials and constituents that do not prioritize such issues.

Click here (http://icma to download the report.


This report was researched and written by ICMA, through a subcontract agreement with NADO Research Foundation. NADO Research Foundation provided overall guidance and project direction. The work that provided the basis for this publication was supported by funding under an award with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The substance and findings of the work are dedicated to the public. The author and publisher are solely responsible for the accuracy of the statements and interpretations contained in this publication. Such interpretations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government.

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