New Partnership for Sustainable Communities Report: Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities

Posted on: November 21st, 2011 by Kathy Nothstine

The HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities and the USDA have released Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities (http://www NULL.epa NULL.htm#huddotepa), a report that discusses how the four agencies are collaborating to support rural communities. This publication highlights how small towns and rural places across the country are using federal resources to strengthen their economies, provide better quality of life to residents, and build on local assets such as traditional main streets, agricultural lands, and natural resources.  The report includes sections on how HUD, DOT, EPA, and USDA programs support environmentally and economically sustainable growth in rural places; performance measures rural communities can use to target their investments; and 12 case studies of rural communities using federal resources to achieve their development and economic goals. It also outlines steps the Partnership for Sustainable Communities is pursuing to support small towns and rural places.  Read the report here (http://www NULL.epa NULL.htm#huddotepa).  For more information on the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, please visit: (http://www NULL.sustainablecommunities

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