NADO and RPO America Represented at National Transportation Events

Posted on: August 8th, 2013 by Carrie Kissel

NADO and RPO America’s members and staff represented the association at several national-level transportation events in recent weeks.  RPO America Chair Amy Kessler, Planning and Community Development Director for the North Central Regional Planning and Development Commission, participated as a speaker in a special roundtable policy discussion, “Effectively Coordinating Freight Planning Activities.”  The roundtable was held on July 17 by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation.  This special panel of Members of Congress, chaired by Rep. John Duncan (R-TN), is dedicated to analyzing the current state of freight transportation and how improving freight transportation can strengthen the U.S. economy.

In addition, Kessler along with NADO Associate Director Carrie Kissel served as panelists during the Freight Partnership V conference, held by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in Washington, DC, July 30 – August 2.  In their remarks, Kessler and Kissel made connections between freight and economic development, and emphasized the importance of partnerships among public and private sectors and at all levels of government to plan for goods movement.  Kessler’s presentation is available below:

On August 7, Kissel served as a speaker on Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) at the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) State Programs Meeting, held August 7 – 9 in Washington, DC.  FTA Community Planner John Sprowls provided state DOT transit staff and other stakeholders with an update on the surface transportation authorization MAP-21’s language authorizing RTPOs (PDF slides available here), while Kissel gave an overview of the state of the practice in regional, non-metropolitan planning.  Kissel’s presentation is posted below:

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