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Social Media

NADO Professional Development Webinar Series 2018: Social Media Basics for RDOs (https://youtu

Social media: just what is it and does it have a place within an RDO’s communications strategy?  Once considered an electronic suite of tools to share information among friends, businesses and organizations of all kinds are using social media platforms to market their products and services.  With many options to choose from, it is hard to know what platforms make the most sense to use.  The webinar showcases a marketing and public relations expert about the benefits to using Facebook, Twitter, websites, and other avenues to help not only market your programs and services, but also inform the public about the important work you are doing across your regions.

Assessing & Sharing Return on Investment with Stakeholders

NADO Annual Training Conference 2017: The Indispensable Regional Development Organization: Continuing to Make the Case for Why RDOs Matter (https://www NULL.slideshare

It is necessary to reflect on the important role that our organizations play in supporting improved quality of life in our regions and local communities. During these times of change, it is critical for RDOs to continue to serve as leaders in regional development and communicate their role and relevancy to a wide cross-section of stakeholders and funders. In this plenary, hear from executive directors of RDOs across the country who are keeping their organizations front and center on issues of regional importance and learn ways to continue to keep your organization relevant and indispensable for years to come.

Internal Communications

Monica Scamardo, PhD, NADO Annual Training Conference 2017: What You Need to Know Now to Be An Effective RDO Leader (https://www NULL.slideshare

New RDO leaders are often struck by how much they need to learn as they assume new roles with greater responsibility in their organizations. During this presentation, attendees will gain insights into what makes a strong RDO leader, including: building solid board relationships, proactively addressing staffing issues, and managing uncertainty.

External Communications

NADO Research Foundation and Formation PR+Brand: The Art of the Narrative: Creating CEDS and Other Plans that People Want to Read! (https://www (2019)

This webinar with the NADO Research Foundation and Formation PR + Brand shared tools and techniques that you can use to incorporate eye-catching and informative messaging, design, and imagery into your CEDS and other plans.  During this recording, learn how to harness the power of storytelling and tap into compelling visuals to draw in your audience with materials that make the CEDS come alive and speak to a variety of audiences.

Jennifer James McCollum, ACOG, SWREDA 2018: Modern Strategies for Communication Presentation

Lori Grimm, SWAPDD, SWREDA 2018: Modern Strategies for Communication and Workflow Management Presentation

We all want to work smarter, not harder. Explore the current advancements in online technology supporting that ideal. Get an overview of how some of the largest companies in the world are increasing productivity and minimizing the need for time spent on mundane tasks. Explore how conversations are changing the economic ecosystem and discover how your organization can benefit from these modern strategies. These presentations will cover workflow management, communicating content, social media management.

Web Accessibility: (https://webaim

‘Web Accessibility In Mind’ website, with resources for creating accessible content and websites.

Marketing Plans

Region 9 EDD of SW Colorado, EDA Denver Conference 2019: Marketing Your RLF Program

EDA-funded revolving loan funds (RLFs) are helping locally owned businesses with financial resources needed to launch and grow. Across the 10-state region, almost 60 RLFs are working to build strong economies. In this presentation staff from Region 9 in SW CO shares their experiences in creating strong lending programs that are making a positive impact in their communities.

NADO Professional Development Webinar Series 2018: Communications Strategies and PR Plans for RDOs (https://youtu

Does your organization have a formal external communications strategy or public relations plan?  Do you have working relationships with local media?  Do you share information with them on a regular basis, especially about the successes you achieve?  Attendees will hear from a Public Relations expert who will share tips and examples for RDOs to use as they develop marketing and branding strategies that illustrate the important work they are doing and the organization’s overall relevance.

Crisis Communication

NADO Professional Development Webinar Series 2018: Crisis Communications- Time to be both Proactive and Reactive (https://youtu

Emergency situations arise without notice, leaving some RDOs in a panic when it comes to working with the local media to rectify or clarify situations.  Learn from a Public Relations expert how to be ready for situations as they arise, and the best approaches to react in a timely and appropriate manner.

NADO Annual Training Conference 2016: Working with the Local Media in Difficult Situations

Sometimes being executive director of an RDO can place you in the hot seat with your local media. This presentation will look at situations that three NADO members have experienced that resulted in intense media coverage. Hear about the unique situations and how they were able to work with the local media to inform and educate their communities about specific situations.

Continuity of Operations

Gail Moreton, NADO ATC 2020: RDO Continuity of Operations Plans: Is Your RDO Ready for Disaster?

Pat Steed, NADO ATC 2020: Continuity of Operations- Why COOP?

RDOs generally are planning-oriented agencies, but 2020 require RDOs to respond to circumstances that many organizations had not anticipated. RDOs serve in critical roles to help their local governments, business contacts and loan clients, and are nonprofits and other external partners, as well as having ongoing required administrative and programmatic functions. These presentations and examples will give you a start on developing or refreshing your RDO’s continuity plan.

Continuity of Operations Plan Examples:

Heartland Regional Transportation Planning Organization

Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Getting the Word Out: What Do You Do?

NADO Annual Training Conference 2020: Virtual Advocacy Strategies and Successes (https://www

Listen to a discussion about adapting your advocacy strategies and priorities during the COVID-19 era. Learn how Congressional offices and constituents have continued to engage through virtual meetings and virtual site visits; hear about approaches that RDOs have used to continue to engage effectively with their Representatives and to bring attention to critical issues for their communities; and learn about NADO’s advocacy approaches, successes, challenges, and continued efforts since the onset of—and in response to—the COVID-19 pandemic.

NADO Annual Training Conference 2017: Advocacy for Regional Development Organizations

Outreach and engagement on public policy remains as important now as ever. Participants will learn tips and strategies to help regional development entities inform and engage key policymakers and federal officials. In connecting content to real-world scenarios, NADO members will share examples of successful advocacy with federal stakeholders on regional projects and programs.

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