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Posted on: March 31st, 2011 by NADO Admin

As part of the 2011 NADO Washington Policy Conference, the association released updated legislative fact sheets and issue briefs for several priority issues.  These policy briefs and action alerts are vital tools for conducting outreach with your members of Congress and their professional staff.

Economic Development Administration: Maintain Funding for EDA in the FY2011 Continuing Resolution

As the only federal agency focused solely on private sector job creation and sustainability, the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) is a vital resource for distressed communities striving to overcome sudden and severe economic dislocations and long-term economic decline. As Congress finalizes the Commerce-Justice-Science title of the final FY2011 Continuing Resolution, the members of the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) support maintaining EDA’s budget of $293 million at the FY2010 enacted level.  For FY2012, the members of NADO support the President’s overall EDA budget request of $324.93 million, but with $34 million for planning investments and a minimum of level funding for the public works account.  View the EDA Appropriations Fact Sheet.

SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization: General Principles for the Federal Surface Transportation Bill

The rewrite of the SAFETEA-LU (P.L. 109-59) federal surface transportation law is occurring at a highly pivotal time for the United States, as we strive to remain at the forefront of the global economy, repair aging infrastructure, pursue alternative energy solutions and prepare for a growing population. The members of the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) respectfully encourage the Obama administration and Congress to promote regional strategies and solutions to advance our nation’s overall economic development, global competitiveness and quality of life goals.  View the SAFETEA-LU Fact Sheet.

Strenthen Rural Local Offical Roles in Statewide Transportation Planning and Programming Processes

The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) supports modifying the statewide transportation planning guidelines for state DOT consultation requirements with non-metropolitan local elected officials as part of the SAFETEA-LU federal highway and transit reauthorization process.  Specifically, the association and its members encourage Congress and the administration to support the establishment and funding of Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs).  View the RPO Fact Sheet.

HUD CDBG: Retain Funding for Local Development and Infrastructure Projects

ISSUE: Urge Congress to retain funding at $3.99 billion for the HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program as part of the FY2012 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill.  In addition, support retaining CDBG formula funds as a flexible, locally driven resource that provides valuable assistance for local community and economic development initiatives, including the state small cities program. View the HUD CDBG Fact Sheet.

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