House Votes to Extend FY2017 Continuing Resolution through April; Action Stalled in Senate with Threat of Government Shutdown Looming

Posted on: December 9th, 2016 by NADO Admin

This week, the House approved by a vote of 326 to 96 a measure to extend current funding levels for most federal agencies through April 28.  The government is currently operating under a continuing resolution (CR) that ends today at midnight.

In the Senate, a dispute over expiring health insurance and pension benefits for retired coal miners has led several Senators to consider blocking the spending bill.  While the House-passed CR includes language extending benefits through April, several senators find that unsatisfactory and are pushing for a longer-term solution.  Since the House has passed the CR and wrapped up its work for the year, the Senate essentially has the choice of accepting the CR as written or continuing to oppose the measure, causing a temporary government shutdown.

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