Great Falls Development Authority: Montana Eggs Expansion

Posted on: October 4th, 2012 by Kate Humphrey

NADO’s 2012 Innovation Awards recognized 64 projects from 22 states for their creative approaches to regional community and economic development, including the project described below. Click here for the full list of winners.

In order to stay in business, successful produce company Montana Eggs needed to start carrying the USDA quality assurance label, which required a major expansion and the purchase of a $1.5 million grader. The Great Falls Development Authority arranged innovative financing that helped the company not only stay in business but expand and increase sales, saving 50 jobs and creating 63 new direct jobs. The City of Great Falls contributed to water and sewer expansions, while a variety of loans, including a commercial loan from a local bank, financed capital costs such as the purchase of the grader and construction of a new building. This project is also notable for the improved relationship between the City of Great Falls and the Hutterite Colonies in the region.

Shaun Tatarka, Grant Writer: [email protected]
Brett Doney, President and CEO: [email protected]

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