When & Where

June 08 to June 09, 2012

Park City Marriott

Park City, Utah

Executive Directors Leadership Forum

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The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) will be hosting an Executive Directors Leadership Forum at the downtown Park City Marriott in Park City, Utah on June 8 - 9, 2012.  We are pleased to partner with the EDA Denver regional office on EDD peer reviews on Thursday, June 7 and RLF and CEDS workshops on June 8.  NADO’s executive directors training forum will start at 11 am on Friday, June 8 and run until noon on Saturday, June 9.

The primary purpose of the NADO event is to provide a separate, more independent forum for executive directors to talk freely, discuss industry trends, and work on common issues.  Our current themes are:

o    Building stronger external partnerships – lessons learned from NADO’s statewide assessments and case studies (including emerging trends with statewide CEDS initiatives with Governors/state agencies and RDOs)

o    Back to the basics in policy board development and engagement – the success and foundation of any successful regional development organization starts with an educated, engaged and supportive policy board. However, with mounting turnover at the local level, it is important that we focus on rebuilding our partnerships and relationships with our local government officials and partners

o    Managing in times of uncertainty – budget cuts at all levels of government, employee stress, indirect cost rate wars, employee wellness, technology, retaining talented staff, fee-for-service opportunities, and maintaining sound relationships with funders, board members and local communities.  These are all important management issues facing executive directors.  We’ll feature presentations on these hot topics and trends, as well as leave plenty of time for peer discussions and problem solving