2018 Congressional Outreach Tool

NADO offers a customized leave-behind document for meetings with members of Congress and their staff during NADO on the Hill.

As a critical resource for regional development, the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) is a key partner for NADO members. Due to persistent threats of funding cuts and elimination, reliable information needs to be communicated on the agency’s positive role in economic development. NADO approaches the outreach tool in this way.  NADO members can support EDA by submitting information describing how the agency has contributed to economic development goals in your respective region. One side will include information and photos about EDA’s impact in your region including brief background information, EDA-sponsored activities (planning assistance, revolving loan fund, etc.), and EDA-funded project examples.  The second side will provide information on EDA across the NADO network.

Please send related information specific to your Economic Development District (EDD) to Josh Shumaker at ([email protected]). The deadline to submit information is March 14.

Click here for an outreach tool example.