Congress Releases FY2015 Omnibus Spending Bill

Posted on: December 12th, 2014 by NADO Admin

On December 10, Congressional appropriators released their $1.013 trillion fiscal year (FY) 2015 spending package (H.R. 83).  The package, commonly referred to as the “cromnibus” includes new policy and spending levels for 11 of the 12 annual appropriations bill through September 30, 2015 and a continuing resolution (CR) for the Department of Homeland Security through February 27, 2015.  The Homeland Security appropriations bill is only funded through February to allow time for Republicans in the new Congress to use the spending bill as a mechanism for crafting a legislative response to President Obama’s decision to use his executive authority to make changes to immigration policy.

The spending package would set regular discretionary spending at $1.013 trillion, meeting the defense and nondefense spending limits set under last year’s budget deal of $521.3 billion and $492.4 billion, respectively.

Key NADO Federal Agencies and Programs for FY2015:

Economic Development Administration

$250 million for EDA (up 1.4% from last year)

  • $99 million for Public Works (up $3 million or 3% from last year)
  • $30 million for Planning (up $1 million or 3.4% from last year)
  • $35 million for Economic Adjustment Assistance (down 16.6% from last year)
  • $10 million for assistance to coal communities (continuation of $3 million in new funding provided last year)

Federal-State Regional Commissions

$90 million for the Appalachian Regional Commission (up 12% from last year)

  • $10 million for ARC broadband initiatives in coal impacted regions (up 23% from last year)
  • $10 million for an ARC workforce training program focused on the automotive supplier industry (new funding)

$12 million for the Delta Regional Authority (level funding from last year; DRA also receives a $3 million transfer in USDA-RD funds)

$10 million for the Denali Commission (level funding from last year)

$5 million for the Northern Border Regional Commission (level from last year)

$250,000 for the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission (level funding from last year)

U.S. Department of Transportation

$500 million for TIGER Grants (down 16.6% from last year)

$41 billion for Federal Highway Administration (down 1.8% from last year)

$8.595 billion for Federal Transit Administration state and local transit grant funding (down .05% from last year)

USDA-Rural Development

$2.4 billion for Rural Development Programs (level funding from last year)

 HUD-Community Planning and Development

$3 billion for CDBG formula grants (down 0.9% from last year)

$900 million for the State Non-Entitlement CDBG Program (down 0.9% from last year)

$900 million for the HOME Investments Partnership Program (down 10.5% from last year)

Funding for unauthorized sustainable, green, or livable community development programs were not included.

 DOL-Employment and Training Administration

$3.1 billion for WIA State Employment and Training funding (down .06% from last year)

$1.7 billion for Job Corps (level funding from last year)

$434.4 million for the Community Service Employment for Older Americans Programs (up 14% from last year)

Additional Resources

Full bill text (H.R. 38) (http://rules

House Appropriations Committee Summary (http://appropriations NULL.aspx?DocumentID=393925)

Senate Appropriations Committee Summary (http://www NULL.appropriations NULL.senate




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