Congress in Talks about a Six-Year Transportation Bill with Fixes to Highway Trust Fund

Posted on: June 10th, 2013 by NADO Admin

U.S. House and Senate transportation leaders are in talks to fix the nation’s Highway Trust Fund with a six-year reauthorization of MAP-21 next year. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee plans to hold hearings this summer on the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) program, which provides loan guarantees and financing options for major transportation projects.

House and Senate transportation leaders have also discussed financing options and improvements to the Highway Trust Fund, which include a possible tax on tires. The fund currently uses an excise tax on gas, which has declined in recent years as people drive less and use more fuel-efficient vehicles.

MAP-21 (P.L. 112-141 (http://www NULL.gpo NULL.pdf)), which expires at the end of FY2014, patched the Highway Trust Fund with $21.2 billion from the general fund. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the trust fund will run out of funding by FY2015. Click here to view NADO’s Legislative Fact Sheet on MAP-21.

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