Recording and Slides Available for Regional Food Systems and Health Webinar

Posted on: November 13th, 2014 by Brett Schwartz

Choose Health logoRegions across the country are increasingly recognizing that a healthy and prosperous future will in part be tied to establishing a robust local food system. On November 13, 2014, the NADO Research Foundation hosted a webinar addressing the intersection between local food, public health, and regional resilience, by exploring Central Minnesota’s Choose Health program. The Choose Health program is one of several regional initiatives that is growing the region’s local food economy and increasing access to healthy food options for disadvantaged populations.

Choose Health is made possible by an innovative partnership model that leverages knowledge and resources from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to provide fresh food to the area’s most food insecure populations. The program relies on the local hospital to “prescribe” CSA memberships that are accompanied by health screenings, education, and ongoing support for participants. This remarkably comprehensive program serves as a model for the development of inclusive regional food economies that balance economic development with social equity to ensure that local food is reaching its fullest potential.

[Please note:  Brief video difficulties from minute 1-2:30, though audio is functioning]    
Click here for slides from the presentations (PDF)


  • Dr. Stacey Stockdill, CEO, EnSearch (http://www NULL.ensearchmn ([email protected])
  • Arlene Jones, Founder, SPROUT MN Food Hub (http://sproutmn ([email protected])
  • Kelly Coughlin, Dietitian and Educator, Lakewood Health System  (http://www NULL.lakewoodhealthsystem ([email protected])
  • Ellie Lucas, Chief Campaign Officer, Hunger-Free Minnesota (http://hungerfreemn  ([email protected])


  • Brett Schwartz, Program Manager, NADO Research Foundation
  • Lexie Albe, Research Fellow, NADO Research Foundation

Additional Resources:

  • Article:  “Lakewood’s Choose Health Program Makes It Easier for Food Insecure Families to Receive Fresh Foods” (http://hungerfreemn
  • Minnesota Food Charter (http://mnfoodcharter

This webinar is supported through a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (http://www NULL.hud Questions? E-mail Brett Schwartz at [email protected]

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