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Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by Carrie Kissel online training tutorials (http://www NULL.lynda directors and staff of regional development organizations often have complex jobs requiring diverse skill sets and expertise, as each staff person wears multiple hats.  Empower your staff with access to training to build their skills and confidence to tackle a variety of challenges through a membership to online training (http://www NULL.lynda

“I discovered in 2010 and have been using it since.  The course videos are well done and thoroughly comprehensive in their content.  I have found provides the most cost effective and flexible resources for the majority of my professional development needs.  From the basic concepts to the advanced applications, the site delivers.  Working for a Regional Development Organization, the variety of skills needed varies greatly, and with I can quickly identify and acquire whatever training I may need. From technical web-based options such as HTML5 and JavaScript to the general business requirements of Microsoft Office, I can rely on for the training I need.”

Kurt Barclay, North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Organization

The library of courses (http://www NULL.lynda includes software technology common in regional development organization offices, such as Microsoft Office; Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop; and CAD.  Other topics include website maintenance or development, using Google Groups to manage email groups and interaction, social media marketing, video production, and using GoToMeeting for remote meetings and webinars.  Many of these topics have beginner, intermediate, and advanced training available. includes tips on creative and business skills, such as management, communications, and productivity.

The site operates using a membership model; some content is free, and members pay a fee to view additional content.  If you or your organization chooses to subscribe and access this valuable training, you are also supporting NADO.  Simply make sure you are using a link to from our newsletters or websites, and NADO will receive a benefit from your interest in professional development!  Try a 10-day free trial of today! (http://www NULL.lynda NULL.aspx?lpk35=7840&utm_medium=ldc-partner&utm_source=SSPRC&utm_content=655&utm_campaign=CD18088&bid=655&aid=CD18088)

If you or other members of your staff are already using, please contact NADO Associate Director Carrie Kissel, at [email protected] (ckissel null@null nado or 202.624.8829.  We’d love to learn more about how you are using the site.

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