Deadline Extended to 4/29: Apply for NADO’s 2022 Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards!

Posted on: April 7th, 2022 by Carrie Kissel

2022 NADO Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards Application

  • The Excellence in Regional Transportation Award, a program of NADO’s RPO America and the NADO Research Foundation, recognizes noteworthy projects and practices in rural and small metropolitan transportation planning. Applications are due by April 29, 2022.

    • The organization applying to receive the award must be a member of NADO. If multiple organizations collaborated on a project, they may apply jointly, but the lead applicant must be a NADO member.
    • Up to three projects per organization may be submitted
    • Projects must show substantive quantitative or qualitative results.
    • For a competitive application, address one or more of the following issues in your application: uniqueness/level of innovation compared to current state of the practice; regional impact; ability to be replicated; long-term viability of the program and its impact; innovative partnerships and collaborations; and creative funding.
    Award winners will be recognized at a roundtable networking reception during the National Regional Transportation Conference (July 19 – 21 in Kansas City, MO). For more information, visit To send supporting documents or ask questions, contact Danny Tomares at dtomares @

  • The primary applicant must be a NADO member. Project partners, both NADO and non-members, can be recognized under "Project Partners" below.

  • Primary Project Contact:
    This person will be the designated point of contact for all future awards-related correspondence and will receive the printed award certificates and other hardcopy materials should the project win an award.

  • Please upload your organization's logo.

  • Enter the title as you would like it to appear on the award certificate and in other published award materials, if your project is selected for the awards program; the project title cannot be changed.
  • Please choose one to three categories that describe your project, such as freight, transit, GIS, regional plan, public involvement, or other categories.
  • If applicable.

  • Project Summary & Questions:

    Use the following sections to tell us what makes your project innovative, such as its use of creative funding mechanisms, efforts to create efficiencies or reduce costs, unique partnership models, and emphasis on building resilience and/or enhancing your region's quality of life. For award-winning projects, the information provided below may be used verbatim to inform project descriptions that will be published in the NADO awards materials, included on NADO's websites, or cited in other research.
  • (500 word limit)

  • (250 word limit)

  • (250 word limit)

  • (250 word limit)

  • (250 word limit)

  • (250 word limit)

  • Partners can include NADO and non-members.
    (250 word limit)

  • Please submit a brief bio statement in the space above for the primary contact for this project, which is generally the same person who would attend the reception at the National Regional Transportation Conference if this project is selected to receive an Excellence Award.

    (Note: The individual's bio does not affect award selection at all, but having it on hand will help us to prepare for the conference and other events, since award winners sometimes also serve as conference or webinar speakers or are recognized in publications and in other ways where biographical information is helpful.)
  • Drop files here or
    Please submit at least one photo showing your project in action. Photos of 2 MB or less work best. If uploading multiple files, ZIP files prior to submitting. If you have trouble uploading images they can be directly emailed to Danny Tomares at dtomares @ Include the project title the photos correspond to and the organization acronym in the subject line of your email and photo file name. Submitted photos may be used in the award materials and in other NADO published materials with credit to your organization.
  • Drop files here or
    Applicants are encouraged to submit supporting documents (copies of plans and implementation strategies, work programs, links to program websites, project photos, or other relevant material). Any supporting material that is submitted may be posted on, so only send documents or images that you have the rights to or permission to share. Please email documents to Danny Tomares at dtomares @ if you have trouble uploading them here.

    Once the application is submitted a confirmation email with a copy of your completed application will be sent to the email address listed under Primary Project Contact. Check your spam or junk folder, as the confirmation email is automated and might end up there.

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