Legislative Staff

Mirielle Burgoyne
Deputy Director of Administration / Legislative Director
Work Phone: 202.921.4443 Work Fax: 202.921.4455
Mirielle Burgoyne serves as NADO’s Deputy Director of Administration / Legislative Director. In this role, she facilitates outreach to policymakers and advocates for NADO’s legislative priorities. Before joining NADO, Mirielle was a Senior Associate with the Pew Charitable Trusts, where she conducted research on economic development programs across the country and advocated for policy solutions to make those programs more effective and impactful. Prior to that, Mirielle served as a Policy Advisor with the Delta Regional Authority, where she created partnerships with federal agencies and facilitated joint collaborations with the White House Rural Council and National Economic Council. She also developed programs and initiatives designed to spur economic diversification, disaster resilience, workforce development, and improved health outcomes in the rural Delta region. Mirielle holds a BA in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland College Park.