2010 Know Your Region Training

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Matt Black

Training Modules

Below are links to the original Know Your Region training curriculum developed by Western Carolina University. Modules one through six are available in a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Click the appropriate link to view and listen to each module.

  • [permalink href=”136″]Module 1: Collaborative RED Framework[/permalink]
  • [permalink href=”138″]Module 2: Leading the Planning Effort[/permalink]
  • [permalink href=”139″]Module 3: Detecting Regional Advantage[/permalink]
  • [permalink href=”140″]Module 4: Formulating Strategies[/permalink]
  • [permalink href=”141″]Module 5: Workforce Development[/permalink]
  • [permalink href=”143″]Module 6: Executing Your Plan[/permalink]


2010 NADO Annual Training Conference

Learning Lab: Know Your Region, Parts 1 & 2
The U.S. economy has experienced unprecedented turmoil recently: six million jobs lost, declining home values, a financial crisis that erased trillions in household wealth, and the worst global recession since the Great Depression. As the global economy recovers, regional development organizations will play a critical role in helping regions understand the changes that have taken place and how they can position themselves for future success. These sessions will draw from the EDA Know Your Region curriculum to discuss strategies for using the CEDS to strengthen regional partnerships, engage the public and private sectors, and provide leadership on economic and workforce development issues.
Brian Kelsey, Civic Analytics, Austin, TX

Click Here For Slides (http://www NULL.knowyourregion NULL.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/KelseyTraining NULL.pdf)

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